Brand Protection in Online Advertising


This presentation is part of research on several topics which was done to improve and enhance the features of our ad platform Adatrix™

This article discusses the topic of Brand Protection in Online Advertising. Companies invest a significant amount of time and money in creating brand awareness and establishing their brand. So when it comes to online advertising then want to make sure their brand is presented in the best light possible.

The guidelines of Brand Protection vary for Advertiser and Publisher. While the advertiser wants his ads to be kept away from inappropriate content, Publisher seeks malware protection and is concerned about the quality of ads being served to them.

Brand Protection for Advertisers

From the advertiser perspective, the most common requirements are listed as follows:

  • Avoid showing ads on offensive and illegal sites.
  • Avoid showing ads on bad-fit contents (e.g. showing ad of a travel site on article about accident).
  • Identify if ads are being displayed in desired locations (Geographic targeting)
  • Custom setting of tolerance levels (e.g. showing my ad on page containing alcohol/tobacco related content is OK but on page containing illegal content is NOT OK).

In order to meet those requirements, we should be able to show page-level content ratings of pages in our inventory. Also there should be a provision to maintain advertiser-specific blacklists and whitelists. At present, the feature of targeting/filtering based on geography,demography,category etc. is already provided.

Brand Protection for Publishers

From the publisher perspective, the most common requirements are listed as follows:

  • Ensure unwanted ads (e.g. poor quality ads) are not served which may effect user experience.
  • Protection from Malware

In order to meet those requirements, we are currently integrating a malware scanner which checks the media files before they are uploaded into our system (Adatrix). Also, publishers will be provided with dashboards where they can inspect the media/ad code being shown on their page at any particular time. Publishers should also be given an option to block unwanted ads through dashboard.